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Opened in late 2016, POKEE is a lively, ocean-themed fast casual restaurant specializes in poké, a much-loved Hawaiian cuisine usually made with marinated raw fish on a bed of rice or greens with various toppings. 

A healthy, trendy alternative to traditional salad, POKEE serves a great variety of fresh, organic, high-quality and sometimes rare ingredients that offer endless possibilities for customers to customize and create their own perfect poké bowl. With a deep commitment to seafood and ingredient quality, as well as a unique passion in creating beautiful atmosphere and warm hospitality, we have established a successful brand known for its style, responsibility and excellence in just a couple months.


The founder of POKEE, Sa Wang, comes from a background in wedding plan. After throwing a member of beautiful weddings in Hawaii, she fell in love with the ocean vibe on the islands and more importantly, their most popular food, poké. 

Back to New York, she tried every poké place she could find but was sad to see how most have turned poké into a mere fast food concept and overlooked the experience. In order to truly carry the essence of what she experienced in Hawaii, she decided to open POKEE: a poké place with a soul.  

Growing at a fast rate, POKEE is now preparing a second location in NYC and another in Virginia after only 4 months of opening. 

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